The Place to Meet

The Front of the Church

Church buildings are well decorated and we can now offer for hire on a regular or occasional basis a number of rooms within the premises. Each area has its own toilet provision plus a kitchen, which also can be booked. People with physical disabilities are catered for in all areas with easy access (via a chairlift into the church area) and accessible toilets in all areas. There is also an audio/ loop system in the church available when the church Public Address System is in operation. The entrance to the Church Buildings is situated on St George's Road at the junction with Knowsley Street. The building is a NO SMOKING building.


Rooms are available for evening bookings Monday to Friday. Daytime and evening bookings are available at Weekends. If you require further information regarding availability and charges, and would like to view the rooms please send an email to the buildings manager with a
If you wish to speak to him telephone call 010204 361960 Monday to Friday during working hours .