The Years 1660 to 1840

  • 1660 to 1700 the Great Ejection of Puritan Clergy. Evicted Puritanic clergy set up Independent or Presbyterian Churches.
    Some still exist today and may be found in Horwich, Ainsworth, Bolton and Walmsley.
  • John Wesley to the founder of Methodism. His “salvation” in 1739. Widespread preaching (40,000 sermons) especially to the poor. In 1784, his “Deed of Declaration” formed the basis of modern Methodism.
  • George Whitefield to English founder of Calvinistic Methodism. Started open air preaching in Bristol with John Wesley. His stern Calvinism led to a breach with John and Charles Wesley and the formation of the English Calvinistic Methodist church.
  • April 3rd 1752 The Formation of the Church of 107 Members by Revd John Bennet.
  • 1754 The opening of Dukes Alley Chapel inspired by the preaching of John Wesley and George Whitefield.
  • 1785 The enlargement of the Chapel.
  • 1803 The second enlargement of the Chapel at a cost of £900.
  • Initially Methodist then Calvinistic in theology, but open to all protestant dissenters.
  • 1760 to 1840 The Industrial Revolution. In search of work in the thriving N.W cotton industry, many Scots moved south bringing the Presbyterianism of the Scottish Church.