Death is one of the hardest things many of us have to face in our day to day living, and it can be a time when people turn to the Church for help. On such occasions the Church is there to help people to grieve, to allow them time and space to reflect on the life of their loved one, and to help them to prepare a suitable service giving thanks for the life of the person who has died. Christians believe a funeral service can also be an occasion to remember that God is always with us and that Jesus Christ conquered even death on our behalf. However, we realise that this is not everyone’s understanding, and we would not stress this message where it would be unhelpful for the mourners concerned. Sometimes, when a person is dying, their family or friends may ask a minister to say prayers with them at a hospital bedside or at home. Our minister is willing to be contacted about this. When the person has died, there may be a decision to have a short service at the crematorium first, and then come to church for a longer service of thanksgiving to celebrate their life, either on the same day or a short time later. The more traditional way has been to have the church service first and then go to the crematorium or graveside to commit the body. Either of these patterns is possible, and the best thing is to contact the Church Secretary at an early stage, so as to explore together what will best suit the circumstances and the people involved.

If you need information as to the availability of the Church send an email to the buildings manager with a request:

If you wish to speak to him telephone 010204 361960 Monday to Friday
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